Something is not right

Something is not right. I've given a recent look at society and I realize that the majority of the time, we tend to focus on what's on the outside more that what's on the inside. We can't skip gym sessions, make-up sales, and clothe discounts, but we are ok with going through the flow of the day without diving into our internal self. What makes us who we are is not our body or what we clothe it in, but our heart and mind. Internally, our emotions, perceptions, beliefs, morals, values; that's what makes up who we are. When do we take a minute out of our day to dive into our soul and spirit, finding a way to do better, acquire good and dissect the bad? We spend more time criticizing everyone else for the wrong they are doing than our own selves.

Society has shifted our focus on outer things; the latest iPhone, the season's fashion trends, the best diet and work out plan. This is why violence, evil, greed, racism, judgments have increased in our world; we take too much time focusing on the external, people and things, than having communion with our inner spirit to develop into more loving, humble, caring and understanding human beings. In today's world, it feels as if we have a ticking clock throughout the day and a million things in our to do list, but it's only fair to invest time in ourselves. Is it selfish? Absolutely not! If each of us individually took more time to look within and picked out the malice working inside of us and developed more positive traits, the world would be a better place.

Find your own personal way of "me time" either by daily devotionals with God, reading books on positive human traits, conversations with family, meditation, etc., things that nourish the heart and mind. It is obviously okay to work out and fuel your body, and buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, but not when they become your main priority. Your main focus should be you. When we begin to invest love in ourselves, we can spread that love to others and that love is contagious. Time to prioritize on what really makes us who we are.



Written by Valeria Ochoa

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