NEWS: Steve Bannon, Trump's strategist leaves the White House

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump's controversial chief of strategy, left his job by mutual agreement, the White House said Friday.

According to a White House statement, Cabinet Chief John Kelly and Bannon "mutually agreed" that Friday is the "last day" of Bannon in his post.

"We are grateful for your service and wish you the best" added the statement.

Bannon, a right-wing nationalist identified by many as a key figure for Trump's electoral victory in the 2016 presidential election, helped shape the "United States First" message. Stephen Bannon, Trump's controversial man who is accused of racism and anti-Semitism.

For this and his past as head of Breitbart News, an internet site described as a platform for the ultra right wing "alt-right", critics have accused him of fomenting anti-Semitic ideas and white supremacy.

For months Bannon competed to be the most influential opinion in the White House, but the egos fight and events this weekend could have precipitated his departure.

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