Stop Self Editing Your Words by Djemima Segar

Be your own publisher.

The art of self-publishing is a complicated and time-consuming art. When I talk about self-publishing, I’m not talking about writing a book but how we speak and express ourselves because the truth is the words or ideas we put out there make up a book that’s all about us.

We find ourselves always editing what we want to say, and the truth is nobody is born a conversational king or queen. Communication is a skill we have to build on. In a world that’s so fast paced and where trying to make great first impressions, it's quite anxiety provoking. We find it quite hard to come up with the right words and responses when communicating and at most times we find ourselves -self-editing.  This self-editing diminishes so much of who we are because we become so wrapped in this idea that perfecting what we are saying is a must. We begin to think a lot of the things we want to say are not worthwhile.

I found myself forever trapped in this cycle of trying to impress and not ever fall short of conversations. Until it dawned on me, the communications I was involved in were dishonest because I wasn’t truly paying attention. My self-position and anxiety had me wrapped up in what to say next and how to come across instead of actually part taking in the conversation regardless of how I came across. We don’t have to be perfect we have to be ourselves and allowing those thoughts and ideas we have to get across builds us up into great conversationalists. If we are always self-editing, we are telling ourselves that we are not good enough there for leaving us with not a lot of things to say. Or worst off to come across disinterested when in fact we are intrigued by the subject just too afraid to speak our minds.

Becoming a great conversationalist or just a good speaker takes time and practice just as any skill. The best public speakers didn’t just wake up and know exactly how to rally a crowd it’s something they had to work. The key is not to be afraid to express yourself and try out different things because eventually you’ll find out what works for you and your self-enthusiasm and confidence will draw people into your conversations. So stop editing yourself and starts self-publishing

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