Strength in Diversity

Variety they say, is the spice of life;

A little bright here, a little dull there;

Loud and soft, side by side;

Is what completes the puzzle;

Perfects the wheel;

Fills in the gaps;

And the matter it concludes.

Tall, short, slender and stout;

Each beautiful in his own right;

Black, white, brown, yellow;

No color outshines the other;

Rich, poor, struggling, just okay;

Is a status ladder everyone’s trying to climb;

Size, race, status doesn’t disqualify anyone from being significant.

Quiet, noisy, active or laid back,

Is what gives the world its unique voice;

Extrovert and introvert are complementary traits;

Introverts need extroverts to push them to explore;

Extroverts need introverts to help them sanely balanced;

Sanguine and phlegmatic, choleric and melancholic;

A perfect mix is what keeps relationships interesting.

We are all oddly different from one another;

Thanks to cultural variations;

But diversity shouldn’t necessarily mean conflict;

We may not always agree on personal choices;

But mutual respect should be non-negotiable;

It’s the only way peace can prevail;

So we can remain united despite our differences.

Anderson, Rodriguez, Ahmed, Khan, Owusu;

Are siblings merely living on different continents;

Monarchy, republic, federal, democratic;

Reflect variations of ruling one people;

Diversity is not a weakness, it’s what makes us strong;

Take it or leave it, we are a global village now;

Divided we will fall; but united in diversity we can stand.


© Josephine Amoako 2016





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