"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative energy into a positive" - Hans Selye

Why is it that as humans we always let the fear of the unknown, the fear of "what is come" take control of our present mood and attitudes? Why do we let the things which we cant control decide the mood of our present moment? I personally know how it feels to be stressed. Life circumstances from time to time seem to box me in. This was the case until I came across a mini-documentary over Hans Selye, an attitude behaviorist scientist who wrote a book called Stress without Distress were he breaks down the variables that make one become stressed therefor causing the victim an abundance of side reactions because of that stress taking over their rational and emotional mind.

His conclusion is very clear. Stress is an imaginary demon, that if we allow can and will take control of our lives. Stress is inevitable but the way we deal with it can be controlled. #1 Rule to getting rid of stress is to NOT procrastinate. #2 is to analyze the circumstance and don't be afraid to ask for help to get whatever you must get done finished. Once you finish your assignment you will feel that relieve but if you leave it until the last minute you will accumulate unnecessary stress until the day you turn in the assignment. Get your stuff done, make a schedule and follow it. Don't PROCRASTINATE.

The last rule is two learn how to deal with stress. Don't think about it as a problem you must get through but, instead an opportunity to grow from adversity and grow through them as a stronger person. Rocky Balboa makes a remark that applies to this topic in his 4th movie as he addresses his son who was visibly stressed because he couldn't live up to his fathers expectations and had a different lifestyle. He said "life is not about getting hit (because you will always get hit, stress will come), life is about getting hit and keep moving forward". He is saying that life will bring stress undoubtedly but its about how you deal with that stress, it is up to you. Bottom line; the way you deal with your stress will forge your character and define who you are!



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