STRESS & Your Mind

If you had anxiety6a friend that was negative, put you down, said were not good enough, pretty enough or rich enough and judged you at every turn, would you listen to them? Let’s say this friend always told you fear based stories of the past or the future, critically judged you and others and was unable to simply sit and enjoy the moment. Would you spend a lot of time with this person? Probably not.

So why do we allow OUR OWN MINDS to be this person? Why do we spend our time listening, constantly, to such inner dialogue? Everyone, yes everyone, has an inner-committee on board that talks to them all the time. T. D. Jakes once said, "The battle ground is not 'out there' the battle ground is within your own mind." This inner-committee speaks within us all 24/7 and IT judges everything and everyone, including you; not to mention can cause tremendous stress.

A person can be in the midst of work or doing the laundry and yet this background dialogue is always speaking. You can be driving down the highway having a complete conversation with someone, winning the argument and that someone is not even in the car. You wake up, realize you have passed your destination and wonder, “How did I get here?” This is called going unconscious, not being present, and the inner-committee or the IT just got you.

Listening to the IT results in anxiety and restless nights of sleep. IT loves to speak to you right before bed and before you know it's 3 a.m. The IT is very good at rehearsing past events and attempting to predict future outcomes (usually the worst possible). IT is brilliant at speaking to you within your thoughts, throughout the day, speaking in ways as though IT knows all. The problem is that IT- does not know all and yet we LISTENmeditation-909299_1920 to IT… it is our listening to the past/future/ fear based stories of IT, within our minds, that can cause daily stress.

Millions are running to their doctors to prescribe them something, anything in order to calm IT down or to turn IT off. I’m not saying do not take your medicine but along with a pill or not, begin TODAY becoming aware of the difference between being present, as compared to listening to what your IT or inner-committee is telling you. The only reality is the now; breathe now, into the now. Every person on the planet, whether awake or asleep, all over the world, is only living in this moment and breathing in this moment.  Presence Awareness and Stories of Your Mind, are two different realities entirely.

Begin the mind-training back to the present-time today, this instant. Even now take a deep breath and become aware of where you are. You could be dead tomorrow and everything your IT has you worried about presently wouldn't even matter. IT feeds on your attention. Redirect your being into your breath, into your own body. Your body only moves in the present moment. You cannot, for example, walk in the past or run in the future. Your body only lives in this second. Take another deep breath right now, from head to toe and BE in you, alive, awake, here.

Inhale deeply 1, 2, 3, 4 exhale gently 1, 2, 3, 4 and repeat. Become aware of your head, neck, torso, hands, legs, and feet. Breathe, again, into your entire person. Let go of the negative stories in your mind. A meditation practice in the morning or before bed is also effective along with yoga. Eventually create your entire day as a meditation, being in each moment as best you can. We have to plan for the future but when you've scheduled your plans quickly come back to the present-time awareness and heal your past, gently. The past is over. It is time to come home to the present.

joy7Do not listen to the inner IT of your mind. All we can do is just this day. Awaken and master, being present. Being present is a present; it IS here where all the love is. Remember the movie, "The Matrix?" There are only two pills: The IT with its fallacy files or  The Now, with its Presence~ which one are you going to choose? It's up to you.



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