Suicide bomber kills 29 and injures 60 in Iraq

An Islamic State member kills 29 and injures 60+ in a suicide bomb attack at a local amateur soccer match in a stadium in Iskandariya, Iraq. (40 kilometers south of Baghdad)
The video  below shows the attack.

The suicide bomber waited until after the match ended to blow himself up in the crowd as they handed the trophy to the winning team. It was the final of a local youth tournament, so there was more people present, and many of them were children.
It is sad to hear about terrorism, and people living in fear of their life being taken away everyday in countries that have seen so much war and blood shed in the past decade. What possible guilt can innocent children have to deserve a life in the shadows of violence.
In a country like Iraq which has seen over 500,000 deaths from the Iraq war a football is just a mere distraction for the community and children to have some fun, it is tragic that these innocent children can't even feel safe at a recreational event anymore.
This suicide attack has sparked some outrage across social media with users condemning the acts of terrorism and violence.


The attack in Iraq took place just three days after the attacks in Brussels the Belgian Capital, where 31 people were killed and about 300 injured.


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