As the raging air-strikes have begun yet again in a war overrun by too many forces, Syria’s dead is a voice that has been muted. I don’t know if it has become our nature to shove long-term monstrosities into the tiniest corner of our thoughts, or humanity, assuming it is there at all, but if that is the case then let this be a moment of awakening.  Behind ISIS, Bashar al-Assad, and the forces against both, follows a trail of innocent lives that never asked to be strung like dirty clothes on a washing line. But, as war is war, they say, it is excusable that “people ought to die.” What is that supposed to mean?

The question we need to ask ourselves here: had this been a European or American state, would the government have decided to bomb recklessly as they do Syria? Would they commission their air-strikes and drop multiple bombs on the assumption that its target is an ISIS member?  Even weapons cannot tell the difference from a terrorist and a civilian in Syria. Shortly after the Paris attack, Syria is bombarded by shrapnel yet again, not because the government is “protecting” anyone, but because they are simply angry, and ISIS is presumed to be roaming Syria, a president has to answer questions, has to respond to please the people, so why not release their anger on Syria? They've already lost millions; a few thousands more wouldn't hurt. A few hundred children, women, who cares right? All Jihadists anyway, right? No loss there.Unknown-1

The truth of the matter is that no one actually knows who ISIS is. It is a faceless name. The media has many ways of distorting even the biggest stories. However, we do not disregard the lives ISIS has claimed responsibility for. My point is, the government themselves, assuming they aren't involved at all, do not know who ISIS is. On that basis, have they any right to raid Syria, based on an assumption that its troops are at this moment in the very locations the military have opened fire on? What the government has said by just this single action reveals the truth of how they regard Muslim lives, and if not Muslim, Syrian lives.

As refugee camps are overflowing, and basic needs are short, there stands the feigning shadow of some western country that claims to care by annihilating an entire land. My argument here is neither for ISIS nor against those who oppose them. They have taken as many lives as any military and just as proudly too. But my argument is don’t be fooled by the government. Their façade is obliterated by their unscrupulous actions. Politicians will always be politicians. In today’s time you cannot take any man for what he says, or what he means but only by what he chooses to do.

You cannot fight violence with violence. I understand that ISIS is a monstrous threat, but it is equally barbaric to slaughter more innocents and use the excuse of “It’s for the greater good.” There is no good. What is being done only infuriates the people more. Neither can anyone tell me “Well, what is the military supposed to do?” the American military is one of the best in the world; you mean to tell me they cannot operate meticulously, without sparing those who do  not deserve their lives threatened? They cannot even protect children from the bloodshed? The military upholds a banner that swears to protect - but who?

“You only leave home when home tells you to leave.” A country facing four years of unrelenting violence, whose syria-protest-pic-getty-138548610eyes are bled out from the bodies it holds. How many more cities and towns need to be thinned out before Syria is a forgotten land, before it is left as barren as the hearts of those who do not cry for her?

Written by The Poetical Arsonist 


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