Thanksgiving not just a day, but a way of life

Thanksgiving is much more than a gathering to enjoy good food and watch football, it should be a way of life.

Let thanksgiving ignite a sense of gratitude in ourselves that we can carry from here on out. Let us recognize today, that the food on our plates taste better when its blessed, and that we don't need it to be thanksgiving to bless the daily bread our heavenly father provides day in an day out.

Lets take today as a new start to really be appreciative of the life we have, no matter how discontent we can be with life at a given moment, because someone out there is less fortunate. Let us be thankful for the air we breathe, and the water that pumps oxygen into our blood, the family, and the friendships that surround us one day at a time. Lets embrace the struggles that we face, and be grateful for that as well; the struggle is what makes life worth it. Having everything you ever wanted handed to you, or easily attainable would make life boring. The struggle is what shapes our character and gives us purpose in life. So lets give thanks for everything that we have, and everything that we don't have.

Appreciating each day we awake, the little or much food we may have to enjoy throughout the day, and to humbly pursue our dreams will make life much more enjoyable. No reason to live in the past and dwell on what has already happened, or to live in a future that is yet so uncertain. Slow down and breathe, contemplate the beauty in the creation, stop living in a fast-paced materialistic-superficial  realm that happens to be set in the future. Let us breathe and remember tomorrow is not promised,  the things that make us happy don't require a lot of money, instead they require TIME with those who we can come to love. So lets begin to actually live LIFE, one day at a time being thankful, encouraging others to be better, and loving those who cross our path, because we all have divine light inside. Only together can we create a better world.

Let thanksgiving be a remembrance of how we should live each and everyday, to breathe and to love the great gift of LIFE that has been given to us.

The journey is a much greater adventure when we live thankfully one day at a time with deep gratitude.


Thanks for everyone who has helped make TRUTH possible, it has been a blessing so far.



Sincerely with much love, your friend

Danny Leal



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