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Current Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul was a victim of a vicious attack for his political campaign. Jesse Benton (married to Ron Paul's granddaugther) and Dimitri Kesari were indicted for multiple charges the day before the first Republican debate. During the allegations, Benton was heading a Super PAC (political action committee) for Rand Paul's presidential race.

At the time former presidential runner and retired congressman Ron Paul was displeased about the charges placed on his former top campaign staffers. This past Wednesday, Ron Paul went to federal court in Des Moines to testify for his former collegues. Paul stated in court that the indictments were carefully plotted to pose a threat to his son for his campaign. The charges that were brought up made headlines and stirred up controversy like other presidential campaign runners such as Hilary Clinton and her emails. "I dont consider that a coincidence. I consider that more than seeking justice," Paul said. Paul is believed to be a victim of Benton and Kesari's plot to put him in the dark about the hidden campaign payments according to theU.S. Department of Justice prosecutor Richard Pilger. Paul would disagree with that. "I'm not testifying for the defense. I'm testifying for the prosecution. And it's been a heavy burden for my family." Paul said. Last week almost all the charges were dropped against Benton. Another staff member John Tate who was also indicted had all of his charges dropped. This comes to no surprise in the presidential campaign as controversy and scandals seem to be the big topic for all candidates running. Currently CNN delcared that Clinton was the winner of the Democratic Presidental Debate, but their poll showed that viewers favored Sanders at 83% and Clinton at 12%. In 2011, Ron Paul was ignored and duped in front of his supporters during his presidential run by the media outlets. Although Ron Paul was runner up to Mitt Romney, CNN focused on Romney, Perry and Bachman as note worthy candidates for the campaign. Whenever Paul was questioned during the Republican Presidential Debate, he would be cut short of his time and rarely asked any questions. It's confusing and frustrating when facts are being ignored and manipulated to the American citizens who vote for their president. It goes to question, are we really voting for our presidents or is someone else controlling this?


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