The Feminine Pearl

Enough of this throwing pearls before swine. I am so tired of music, films, magazines, ridiculous TV shows, etc. that continually degrade, put down, dumb-down, sexualize, don’t celebrate or honor in any way the essence of all that is feminine. Please, someone tell me… what man did not come from a woman? I am a woman, and I am sorry, but I did not come from a, man’s rib, I came from my mother.

unnamed-5The tremendous disrespect of the feminine is done, over with, passé. We live on a planet Herself that provides everything, and I mean everything that you own and are. The metal that makes your cars, the wood that builds your homes, the paper that prints your money, and even all the food you eat, not to mention the water you drink, all comes from the ground and soul of Mother Earth, feminine, Herself. What is there not to celebrate, honor, revere, and hold utterly sacred than ALL that sustains your entire life, not to mention birthed you in the first place? Enough of depreciating the feminine in any way, not only of this planet but of the holy feminine within us all; both men and women, each of us carrying this brilliant power within us. Honor it, completely, and sustain Her bold grace, rather than crumbling and defiling Her pillars upon you.

unnamedThe raping and degradation through the media, actions of others, and even within ourselves of the sacred feminine is no longer acceptable. Even the belittling of the feminine ideas: emotions, feelings, entering, talking, body, mother, young girls, bold-birthing, delicate yet daring, etc., is the great ignorance of this patriarchy we live within. There is immense strength in feminine aspects, some of which men carry too. Men cry. Tears from both men and women are the supreme platform for compassion, benevolence, and understanding. We all suffer from this uneducated plunder of minimizing women, and now our very home, the planet Herself, is hemorrhaging from the relentless narcissistic onslaught of patriarchal corporate greed.

For those who think raping or degradation of the feminine of any kind, within both male and female, or the planet is ok… it is not. As a matter of fact, those who do such practices~ be warned. What you are doing in your supposed, “conquer,” you~ my dear~ are actually only doing upon yourself. You are born from the feminine; hence any harm upon Her actually cuts you to the core of your own most sacred-self from which you came from. The repercussions may not be instant, however, the backfire upon you will occur. You may never reveal that the devil himself, after your heinous choices, visits you in your quiet hours of shame, but I already know that he will (and does). One never escapes punishment from the molestation of The Sacred Feminine in any form, for in doing so you open Pandora’s Box upon your own soul; Her eagle eye crosshairs will never release Her precise gaze upon your face. You may gain power, money, and fame and perhaps get away with your actions; however, you my sweet, will never sleep well again.unnamed-2

Women, particularly, please wake up to the immeasurable feminine~pearl you have. Do not simply give it over so quickly; regal gifts are of The Divine, not meant for just anyone. You are already The Queen of The Most High, from Mother Earth Herself, and from your own sacred mother who birthed you. Even if your mother was problematic, she had the divine strength, brawn, and immeasurable power to push you forth into this miraculous life, creating you within her, working directly with the hand of God; a type of creation a man will never have. This is not a slight to men, whatsoever, rather a deep soul-full call to both men and women to exalt and dignify all that is feminine and sacred within us all. Mother Earth Herself is now screaming for help. How much longer can she maintain such destructive executions upon Her rivers of veins, Her lands of heart, Her nature of bone, Her creatures of blood, and Her skys of soul which turns Her each every day. Stop watching and listening and throwing money to such frenzied media or buying insane articles, which sacrifice the sacred feminine in anyway. Pearls are for Queens and Kings both of which you are. Embrace the regal glory of whatever form of feminine that is within you, about you, or upon you. Relentlessly honor Her sovereign grace, in all ways, for Her strength and rule is nothing short of magnificent and Her prize, of The Most High.


Written by Vanessa Guild 




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