The hacking group "Anonymous" releases intimate information of the officer who shot Paul Gatson

The hacking group "Anonymous" posted a video to YouTube detailing the personal information of 52 Cincinnati Police Department employees, reported.  In the three-minute video, titled "Message to Cincinnati Police Department," a masked group member states with a computer-modified voice that the so-called data dump was in response to the recent death of Paul Gaston, who was shot and killed by Cincinnati police officers last week.

Antonymous alleges that this a racially motivated shooting because the man was black. They allege that 9 shots is unacceptable unless it was a deliberate attack to end his Paul Gastons life.

The Cincinnati's Fraternal Order of Police has said it will be doing everything to keep the officer and his family safe.  "It's outrageous," Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley said. "Police officers defend us, keep our way of life, keep us safe."


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