The Human Miracle

“Faced with the sacredness of life and of the human person, and before the marvels of the universe, wonder is the only appropriate attitude.” According to St. John Paul II the beauty of the created world must awaken in the human spirit an attitude of awe and veneration. And we must agree with him. The wonders of nature are truly like a trampoline that impulse us toward the creator and the contemplation of His perfection. Within the works of His divine hands we must fervently highlight that creature of whom it's said that was created in His image and likeness. Yes, it is undeniable that the human reflects a sublime superiority in comparison to all other creatures we know of in our world. Our capacity to grow, evolve and improve our own lives and our surroundings are clear evidence of a wide array of talents and natural capacities that place us as the most wonderful and beautiful creature on planet earth.

 If we analyze the human person we can see an upright mammal, but it is obvious that we are much more than a mammal. Our capacity to execute spiritual acts demonstrates that within us there is more than just a material principle. The fact that we can perform spiritual actions, such as understanding, love and freedom over our own bodily needs, demands a spiritual principle, for it is impossible to give what you do not have. And if we act spiritually then we must also have a spirit. Our intention however, is not to present a fragmented or divided human person, that relate in a conflict between the body and the soul, as Plato believes. No, our humanity is gifted with these two aspects of our personality. We are material, but we are also spiritual. They both act as co-principles and co-substances that together realize the personal substance of each human being.

 It is important that we make this distinction, not to divide what God has united but to better comprehend our own nature. Because if we ignore our physicality in an inordinate search to only satisfy our spiritual needs then we will create an unbalanced living situation for ourselves. And vice-versa, if we neglect our spirituality to only satisfy our physical needs then we will also disrupt the harmony needed for healthy and holy living. That is why it's always needed to try to grow in a proper conception of anything we are trying to study or discover. Because if we do not know the real nature of things, then it is very likely that we wont act according to the laws of that nature. If we were, for example, just a bunch of matter that has evolved through time destined to complete annihilation after death, for matter is corruptible, as materialists like Marx proposed, then our life will be nothing but a material accumulation of matter. Which will eventually disappear. Our actions, desires and thoughts would be limited to a temporal conception of a temporal life. This would be a denial of the real human experience which is bursting with desires for immortality and transcendence.
But on the other hand, if we were only spiritual beings caged in a body. Then our relationship with our own body would be one of rejection and violence towards our own self. For it is evident that we need the body to live, without it we die. This is the reason why the world needs a very integral anthropology. One that includes our diverse and unique dimensions. Because we are human beings, we do act physically and spiritually, but if we do not discover the proper relationship that we must have with our body and soul, which together form such a magnificent unity, then we are condemned to a dissociated existence from our true selves. Let us discover our body with our soul and allow our being to be a temple of the Holy Spirit, so that truth, love, beauty and unity can radiate from within us. In that deep interior room where the creature secretly treats with his Creator. It is possible if we try.
 Written by Andres


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