The Importance of Positive Music!

Music has been a symbol of mankind since the earliest years of existence. It is believed that music traces back as far as 60,000 years ago along with other expressive art forms. The truth is that music is available to anyone. It is simply a mathematically structured vibration that resonates the eardrums. Depending on the frequency, the vibration carries a sound of one specific pitch, which is identified by the brain. It may sound complicated and it can be, but to keep it simple, think of the different pitches being Do, Re, Mi, etc.

Since we know that music deals hand in hand with frequencies and vibrations, it can be easily correlated with science. As you may already know, electric charges carry certain frequencies like many other things in the universe ranging from electromagnetic waves to our main subject, sound waves. Protons carry positive electric charges based on their frequency. Electrons, whose frequency is on the other side of the spectrum, carry negative charges.

Now, before we get too complicated in this subject, how does all this relate to music? Well, like we discussed in the previous excerpt, music travels from the instrument to the receivers (ears) through sound waves. The waves carrying the sound will either be positive or negative. I believe that what makes positive and negative musical sound waves is the person playing the instrument. If you have a lonely man in a very sad and dark place who wants to express himself by sending and sharing his feelings through musical vibrations, you will get a very low vibration of music. If you have someone who is high on life and joyful, or even just hopeful with uplifting intentions, you will get very high musical vibrations.

There is many strong examples of both sides of that spectrum. On the negative dark side, you have legendary albums by bands like Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin. On the Positive side of the spectrum, you have amazing and iconic musical pieces and albums by people such as Bob Marley, John Lennon, Andrea Bocelli, and so many more.

Now, the reason that it is so important that the music spread throughout the world is positive is that even though all music can be beautiful, the last thing you want to send out into the world is negative energy. It is a proven fact that music has a astronomically gigantic effect on the psyche of humans. It has absolute influence over our interactions and even decisions we make on our day-to-day lives. It is critical for the efforts on world peace and a better tomorrow that the music that is reaching millions or even just thousands of people be of a positive charge.

The lyrics behind the music are just as important if not more. The power of speech is highly underestimated and has been know since the beginning of language to have a reality alternating abilities. For example a “spell” which refers to black magic is simply a manipulation of words through spelling. (Spell, spelling, letters, words, etc) What we sometimes forget to understand is that spells are carried out throughout our music each and every day. Now, I’m not talking hocus pocus spells. A simple phrases like, “We don’t need no, education,’ can alter someone’s perception of their own life and reality. That in itself classifies it as a spell. The moral of the story is to not only send positive messages and vibrations out into the world but to also monitor, check and filter the ones you are receiving.

Written by - Camilo Latorre



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  1. Inn Reach 21 August, 2015 at 12:25 Reply

    And the same principle applies to almost every aspect of our lives! Positive attitudes …positive outcomes!

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