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My ketchup bottle has a label and apparently we humans do too. Labels should be for objects, places, and things… NOT people. Two hamburger restaurants are different, not because of their logo or the signs on the outside, but the food they serve on the inside. Us humans should not be labeled on the outside. When I go to the clinic for a simple check-up, why do I need to check a box for my ethnicity, do certain people have different organs or blood than I do? We are failing to see the bigger picture, the fact that we are called humans, we should not be defined by the color of our skin. We are one species! We were all given a heart and a mind and that's what makes us humans.

imgresThe cause of the division are the categories  we have all placed ourselves in, from systems and labels that exist. Whether I’m a democrat or republican, high-class or middle-class, gay or straight, black or white; what difference does it make? Why are we living in a world that seems to emphasize these divisions? We should be living in a world of love and support for all human kind. We are no longer helping our neighbor but only ourselves. “Survival of the fittest” and forget who I step on along the way, right? What are individual's ultimate goal in life? It doesn't seem so clear anymore...

The labels need to end. We all need to wake up and realize that we share the same space and we are here to take care of one another. At the end of the day, we cannot eat our money. Let’s communicate with one another and step outside our comfort zones to support and get to know the people we share planet earth with. Let’s talk to someone from a different generation and learn from them, get to know a person from a different country and learn their culture, hang out with people with a different career path and learn about their passions. We will begin to see how our external differences don't really make us that much different and then we can really open our eyes to see so much more than we think we know.



Written by: Valeria Ochoa

Like the subject? Check out this video that has been recently shared throughout social media that inspired this article:

I am NOT black, you are NOT white.


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