The power is in you

I have come to the conclusion that the main reason why individuals in today’s society that are not happy with their life’s, chose to remain in that mental state and that is because, they have reached a point of comfort.

Comfort kills. We were created to grow. We naturally grow physically in a way out of our control; our height, hair, nails, skin, etc. We were given the responsibility and ability to grow our inner self individually and that is a GIFT that a lot of people take for granted. There is not a person or thing that can control your inner self; your knowledge, beliefs, emotions, abilities, etc. That is entirely up to you and I ask myself. Why do people reach a point of comfort when our inner development can reach imaginable heights?

Well what about life situations outside of our control? Not everyone is given a fair start! Some people are born into a wealthy family where money is never a problem, some people were born with physical and/or mental issues, how is that fair? Some of us were born into families with alcohol and drug habits, how is that not supposed to influence our development? The reality is that it does influence you. Your growth as a child is so imperative because it is a stage in life were we as children mirror everything our parents, teachers, religious leaders, etc do. We develop ideas, habits, skills, and character traits that start at a young age and only grow or not grow from there.

The secret lies in this: you are in charge of you. The power to transform your life can take place at any moment, in any place, and no matter your situation. You enter into the world alone and you leave the world alone so the only treasure in your life, is yourself. The mind is such a powerful instrument that can take you down a positive road or negative road but the amazing thing is that it is your choice.

Think of your life at the present moment. Are you satisfied? Because if the answer is no, something has got to change, and the only way to change it, is for you to change. The world has given people ideas that there are limits, the real limits are those we set in our own minds that we can’t achieve certain things.


Set up an alone time with yourself to really dig deep within and find out what is keeping you from moving forward. Write those things down and SET A PLAN OF ACTION. SET GOALS. FIND HELP. GET MOVING.

Anything you want to get out of life, you can do it, and you can have it. To help you get there you need two KEY things: A strong desire to get there, and to believe in yourself. Failure can get in the way but never allow it to stop you, it is just a mind frame you set in yourself and it gives you the chance for a fresh start to try your goals a different way. The power to achieve anything is the force within you.

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