The wisdom in a tree

Dear old friend Mr. Tree,
I come under your shade seeking,
seeking the ancient wisdom
that makes you grow
from a little seed
into an immense tree.
And now you stand tall
with birds nesting in your branches
singing in harmony.
Oh how I seek to let my inner roots grow.
That I may also spring up
and provide the shade
for the animals in the prairie.
And eventually from this one seed
a forest may come to be.



St. Bonaventure maintained that God reveals Himself to us through two books, the Bible and the book of Nature. It is my intention to learn the Divine Pedagogy through nature. In this case it is a tree. Once a little seed, this now powerful tree, had to ground its roots deep within the darkness of the earth. And so it is with us, who must constantly and diligently labor deep within in the earth of our own being. It is only this mysterious work that can eventually allow us to spring up and provide the world with the fruits that the fertile land of the Spirit bears. Love, faith, hope, temperance, compassion, patience, wisdom, etc. just to name a few. All products of the humble 'seed' that seeks nothing else but to be. For by itself no seed can grow, but it must humbly subdue itself to the forces of nature, earth, water and light. As well we must subdue ourselves to the Divine Force so that its warmth and light may nourish us.
So I pray that we may all grow to be ourselves, and just as the seed seeks nothing but to be what it is, so must we only seek to be.




Written by brother Andres Maria

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