The world changes one person at a time.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, when will someone do something about changing this world around to make it more fair and just? This is a question that most people ask themselves or others, and sadly they will grow old waiting for that person or movement to change things around. Like John Mayer and all the people who became well recognized know that in life nothing is given but you must take it. John Mayer was never just held by his hand along the way to gain success. Instead he trained and trained to become the singer and public figure he is today. This concept applies to everyone and everything, that one wants to accomplish in this world. When it comes to  making this world a more just world for everyone we must know that if we keep waiting on politicians to change things around for us, we will die waiting for this change to happen.

With John Mayer when he says that he keeps "waiting, waiting, waiting for the world to change" he is giving the listener a visual and audio example on how one can change the world. By him making it to that level of fame, he tells his followers that one must take command into changing things for oneself and hopefully others, by showing them and preaching the things that needs to be done. If he motivates millions to sing that song or take activity in changing the course of history, then little by little the world will change within our hearts, minds and ultimately we will see change in society.


There is an old South African saying that says; how do you eat an elephant? A piece at a time. Now we all know that eating elephants is kinda cruel, but the point is that we have this huge chaotic mess in our world today with wars, debt, inequality, poverty, etc, and not one person can provide the solutions to the misfortunes of all, but we can change things within our social bubble and hopefully inspire others to do the same. We need to tackle the things we can do and one step at time, to not get overwhelmed and discourage ourselves or others.

We keep waiting for leaders to change things around for us, but I'm here to tell you that you, and we are the leaders we have been waiting for our whole lives.
Lets take the wheel and drive our destiny into peace, stability and harmony on earth.


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