Thousands sign petition to stop a Satanic 'black mass' in Oklahoma

Around 22,000 signatures have been collected by Citizen Go to stop a 'black mass' from taking place in the Civic Center Music Hall of Oklahoma City.

The satanic gathering has been organized by Adam Daniels, who was formerly convicted of sexual aggression in 2009. Daniels had already organized a public 'black mass' in 2014, however, Archbishop Mons. Paul Coakley was able to intervene legally so that Daniels had to return the stolen Eucharist. 

Let us backtrack, what is a 'black mass'?

A black mass is a satanic ritual which tries to imitate the Catholic liturgy of the mass by profaning christian symbols, but primarily the Holy Eucharist. We must keep in mind that for a catholic, the eucharist is the real body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, it is Him incarnate in what appears to be a piece bread. In conclusion, the Eucharist, or Holy Communion is the most precious treasure in Catholic faith, since it is, as Catholics believe the real presence of God.

So in order to proceed with a complete black mass, the satanic priest needs the Eucharist, hence, many of his assembly will attend the Catholic mass with the sole objective of coercively stealing the body of Christ to later desecrate it in their own mass. There is always a satanic priest who proceeds to lead the luciferian mass, in which the altar is a naked woman. On that altar, the  priest will begin a ritual designed to ridicule Christ and His presence.

Eventually in the rite, the priest will introduce the Eucharist in the female-altar's vagina, with whom all the present will have an orgy with the real presence of Christ among them. Then they will collect all the sexual fluids with the Eucharist and put them in a stolen chalice where they will proceed defecating the Eucharist and urinating on Him, until eventually when the chalice has been filled with such liquids, they will all drink of it as a way to ridicule the Catholic ceremony where the faithful drink of the chalice to receive the blood of Christ. All of this is done with the objective to give glory to Satan by desecrating what Satan hates... God and His church.

As we can perceive, such ceremony is a direct attack towards the Catholic Church and Christ, utilizing the Church's holy realities to desecrate them. That is why those who have signed the petition to deny the black mass to take place, believe that to allow such acts is disrespectful to Christians and a sign of "no decency in society." They also voiced that "the Civic Center would never allow any gathering to burn a Coran or hang a homosexual in their premises, because that would be tolerance with horror." However, allowing a black mass to take place in their property is just as disrespectful as any other act that could hurt the sentiments of any other social group.

The black mass is scheduled to take place on August the 15th, a day in which Catholics celebrate the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. Yet, Mons. Coakley is asking Christians to unite in prayer so that these events stop occurring in society.

Click here to sign the petition to stop the Satanic 'black mass' in Oklahoma.

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