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 Track your Carbon Footprint. Change the world.

It is 2015 and cool, useful gadgets are a part of life and have been for some time. From fancy smartphones with endless apps to fully equipped computers, there is something for almost any interest someone could think of. Do you want to get digital coupons while in a store? Use your smart phone with general and store specific apps. Do you want to listen to internet radio in your car? No problem, wifi is offered! Would you like to keep track of your health and fitness? There are tons of wearable devices designed just for that. Take your pick of brand and style! What about something to help you help the world?

Benjamin Hubert and his concept for a wearable device called, Worldbeing, could help you do that too!

The Worldbeing is designed to help you track your carbon usage.

The Worldbeing will work with a smartphone app through Bluetooth and create a social community geared toward making environmentally friendly choices in your daily activities. It can also be used as a wireless payment system and purchases can be tracked in the app while showing you the carbon metrics of what you bought and possible alternatives that may have less of a carbon footprint.

Hubert realized that creating another electronic to add to seemingly never ending list gadgets would just add to the world’s carbon emission problem and needed to find a way to make the product responsibly without canceling out the purpose of their product.

The prototype for Worldbeing is made of recycled e-waste, which is basically discarded electronic equipment, and uses energy efficient e-ink display for its on band notifications.

Although the Worldbeing wearable is not available for sale yet, the prototype is in beta testing and social media outlets are being used to gage current interest in the product.

-By Julia Kampa

A video about the future plans for Worldbeing

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