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President Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday. This abrupt decision came when the President stated that "public trust and confidence" needed to be restore after a lack of transparency from the United States top law enforcement agency in the past several months.

"The FBI is one of our nation's most cherished and respected institutions, and today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement," the President issued in a statement.

This occurs during an uncanny time with an open investigation on the Presidential elections. The FBI has been keen on determining whether or not the Russians meddled with the elections by working along side Trump's administration.

The White House stated that the FBI is instantly searching for a new director.


Comey first came into prominence back in 2004 as Deputy Attorney General when he stood up against the Bush Administration over the provisions of the Patriot Act which was signed after the September 11th terrorist attack. Comey dashed over to Attorney General John Ashcroft's hospital bed to halt White House Authorities from obtaining permission to reauthorize a secret no-warrant wiretapping program from the Attorney General.

However, Comey fell into question with the investigation against the recent Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton's emails. This decision also arrived shortly after Comey testified on Capitol Hill that Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin sent "hundreds and thousands" of emails, including some classifed ones to her husband's laptop. Comey was under scrutiny to defend some questionable acts of Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Andrew McCabe, the deputy director under Comey will undertake the directors position until Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoints a new interim.

Will the FBI able to restore  "public trust and confidence" when they find their new director?


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