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A recent Gallup poll was released about trust in the main stream media and the results

were shocking. From September 9-13, 2015, the Gallup conducted phone interviews with 1,025

random adults (aged 18 and up) from all 50 states including the capital of our nation. There was

a sampling error of ±4 at the 95% confidence level. After gathering up the results, the poll

showed that there was an all-time low of trust in the main stream media. Only 4 out of 10

Americans trust the mass media, meaning 60% of Americans have lost all trust. In the year 2012

and 2014 ties the lowest level of trust according to the Gallup polls. Also younger Americans are

least likely to trust the media (ages 18-49) than their elders. Since 1998 which stood at the

highest level at 55%, a trend of lower trust has been recorded, with the lowest levels coming

from the election years of 2004, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2015 (not a major election year). But what

accounts for all this mistrust? A poll from the Gallup has shown the same trajectory trend from

American’s confidence in many institutions align in the same years (Branches of Government

such as the Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branch) with the decline of trust in the federals

government’s ability to deal with domestic and international problems. In comparison with

political parties, Democrats whom have the most trust with the media, has decreased to an all-

time low (over 14 years) to 54% (unchanged at 55% this year). However, the Republicans

increased to a minimal margin of 5% to 32% even though they reported to have the least trust in

the media along with the Independent party. The Independents reported their trust levels from

38% down to 33% which was responsible for the increase offset by the Republicans.

Overall, we can gather the data to prove that the Americans are waking up to the lies fed

by the mainstream media and that trust is hard to come by these days. With Americans losing

their trust with the government, this could be an attribute to the decreased trust in the media. On

the other hand, mistakes and misguided information provided from the mainstream news

networks may be to blame. The biggest scandal recently stemmed from Brian Williams of NBC

News; who falsified and exaggerated his recollection of facts and reports. Other media outlets

such as CNN have done the same in the past when Charles Jaco was doing a report of the Persian

Gulf War back in 1990. The leaked video report showed blue walls and fake palm trees and that

it was an act set up to deceive viewers into believing that he was caught up in the war violence.

The use of green screens with today’s technology have played a tremendous role in deceiving

viewers into believing that reporters are live at the scene of a major incident. Fox news’s reports

were analyzed and recorded to show that 60% of the facts were false. The study also reported

that people who did not watch any media were likely to know more facts than those who

watched Fox News. So when it’s all said and done, who can we really trust?

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(All statistics and facts are accredited to the Gallup and PunditFact)



-Alexander Lee

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