Truth can be brutally honest!

We all know how outspoken Russell Brand is about changing the direction this world is headed. He once was a figure who had gained everything this world had to offer and with his talents and the help of Hollywood, he helped maintain people in this hypnotic state in which nothing of importance really matters. Precisely people like him and others who have reached the top of the "American Dream" and come out speaking against it, is who we should listen to the most. Now he uses his talents to wake people up with his site and his videos on and on his blog TrewsNews.

We welcome this articulate and talented entertainer to the correct side of history, and we salute your efforts to raise awareness that inequality and disparity continues to widen between the rich and the poor, while the natural habitats of the world which we all share are being destroyed one by one. Russell Brand warns us that he knows how the agenda works and how this is all part of a game in which the poor get the scraps while the rich get everything.

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