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The TRUTH NetMedia team challenged me to perform an Act of Kindnees this week. I decided I was going to pack as much food as I could and take it to the nearest food pantry.


The importance of giving

Today, I took about an hour or two out of my day to do an act of kindness and it was probably the best thing I could have done to start my week off. I headed to the food pantry with 3 boxes of canned food, napkins, oatmeal, you name it- basically items that I knew I wasn’t going to eat and could eventually expire. We all can get very wrapped up in our own world that we fail to realize that the worl1d is for us all. We share the space and by giving to the less fortunate, we can give others the help they need to get through their day with minimal effort coming from our en3d. I had a very intersting conversation with Jim, one of the idvividuals that works at the food pantry, and it really inspired me to keep on giving. This world can becom2e so much better with people loving to give and giving to love.




My conversation with Jim:


“Do you guys usually get a lot of food donations throughout the day?”- Valeria

“Unfortunately we don’t. It is rare to see people come and donate items to usUntitled”. -Jim

“How are you all getting the food if it is not through donations?”-Valeria

            “Well, we go to Estate sales and gather as many affordable things that we can. We then sell those items here and the money that we get from that is what we use to buy food”. -Jim

“So approximately how many people a day come by to get food to take home?”-Valeria

            “We usually get anywhere from 100-150 families a day, on a Monday like today we’ll probably get close to 100”. -Jim

“What can people do to help?”-Valeria

            “If more people donated food that would really help us out, or even donating housing items that are good and no longer using to then sell here and buy more food with that money”. -Jim


“To do more for the world than the world does for you- That is success”. - Henry Ford


There will always be a person less fortunate. Even if a situation can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, someone out there has an even deeper tunnel to go through. The simple act of kindness, no matter how big or small, can truly make an impact.





Written by: Valeria Ochoa


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