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A recent study conducted by a group of large interest organizations fighting to prevent antibiotics in animal agriculture, conducted a survey to evaluate some of the top 25 U.S fast/burgercasual food restaurants in their use of antibiotics in their meat and poultry supply chains. They created a score card for each restaurant industry and their response towards their commitment to better quality food and less antibiotics in their meat.

We are all well aware that now a days American individuals and families are choosing to eat out for most of their meals, research shows that it is between 4 and 5 times a week. This is us trusting in the restaurants that we pocket to that the food that we are consuming is safe.

“We deserve to know what’s in our food, and it is our responsibility to do our research.”

The World Health Organization recently stated, “A post-antibiotic era—in which common infections and minor injuries can kill—far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st Century.” Based on studies, at least 2 million Americans come into contact with antibiotic-resistant infections a year.

Here is a chart to further explain how it spreads


The goal of this study is to annually conduct reports and present score cards to the consumers for theiruse to gather information and make better decisions next time they chose to eat out. The information was collected from authors via email, personal responses, and by mail. Shockingly, only 5/25 restaurants have policies that limit the use of antibiotics in their meat. Some policies are strict to allowing no use of antibiotics and others from just certain types of meat. Below are the ratings in detail:

Chipotle and Panera are the only two restaurants that affirmed that the majority of the meat that they serve do not come from meat produced with routinely use of antibiotics. Panera has been serving its chicken with no antibiotics 10 years ago and has extended this policy to the majority of their meat including ham, bacon, turkey, etc. Restaurants like these need to stay as the top restaurants and as more consumers become more aware of the health and safety in their food, more restaurants with quantity food standards will hopefully begin to emerge.






mcdonald dunkin donuts




Both Chick fil a and McDonalds prohibit the use of antibiotics in their chicken, Dunkin donuts has good policies regarding antibiotics and McDonalds received a C due to still using antibiotics In their pork and beef but is choosing to keep its chicken clean from antibiotics.


f chart

The authors stated that the companies that received Fs were due to non-response or they found use of antibiotics in their meat. The FDA has provided restaurant “voluntary guidelines” on the kinds of antibiotics to use and it should not be over the counter antibiotics or to make the animals bigger by helping them gain weight with drugs. The White house has encouraged the food companies to increase its quality and limit its use of antibiotics.family

It is important to know what we are consuming, we were granted one body and it is our personal responsibility to know what we are consuming and the benefits or harms it can do for our health. There is good food out there, it is a matter of doing small research and finding out the nutritional components in each restaurant’s menu. Restaurants information about its food can be easily found online and it is required for restaurants to provide them. Due to the fast pace world that we live in no a days, it has become harder for people to find time to cook at home, but it is not impossible. The healthies food comes from our own kitchen when we purchase and use products from places that we love and trust.



The study that was conducted can be found in the link below with further information about policies, the authors, and a more detailed description of each restaurants policies and regulations regarding antibiotics. Chain Reaction: http://webiva-downton.s3.amazonaws.com/877/d8/f/6472/FOE_ChainReactionReport.pdf


Written by: Valeria Ochoa

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