Straight from the heart


What is it in life that you want to accomplish? How bad do you really want it? Do you dream about it every day and hope you will achieve that goal? Do you even believe that you can do it? We as individuals all have dreams, ambitions and goals that we want to conquer, but today it is even more difficult than it was before to accomplish them. There are many barriers and obstacles that stand in our way such as money and being able to afford an education to even begin the process. Sometimes when we have those resources there are other forces and barriers that still prevent us from making our dreams into reality. When all these negative results are faced with reality, the easiest thing for most of us to do is give up.

But this is no article about never quitting or giving up. It is about finding out what it really takes for you in order to succeed. This all stems from the heart. When we open and pour out our hearts, we can see the true power of love and what we as human beings are really capable of. We all want to do what we love, but if it doesn’t benefit others, it is completely useless. In today’s society we are taught to seek the American Dream in hopes of becoming forever happy, but people are waking up and realizing that it is an empty promise by those who preach it. As appealing as it is to make six figures and having a fancy car or luxurious big house, there will still be someone out there with more than you, and you’ll keep chasing an empty void that will never be fulfilled. We should rather be taught to do what we love as long as it helps others out. We know today that success is not measured by how much we make, but how much we give. Many prominent figures such as Bob Marley who never sought to make money but promoted love or Gandhi who advocated the people of his country for independence and Mother Teresa who served the poor; have lived as examples of this teaching and have gone down in history to be forever remembered and revered. So ask yourself, what is it that you love to do? Whatever that is, you will have to endure many hardships, but when it comes straight from the heart, you will do whatever it takes in order t
o fulfill your dreams.


Written by: Alexander Lee
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