Twenty people killed in Pakistan university attack

Gunmen storm Charsadda University in Northwest Pakistan, and attacked leaving at least 20 people dead, including students and a professor.

The attackers cut through barbed wire on Wednesday morning, at the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda 140 km from Islamabad, Pakistans Capital.


The Pakistani army confirmed that the attackers were killed in their operations to clear the campus, which took them six hours after the attack began. More than 50 people were injured.

"The operation is over and the university has been cleared," Pakistan army spokesperson General Asim Bajwa told Reuters news agency. "Four gunmen have been killed."

The attackers entered the buildings in the Khyber-Pakhtunkha province of Pakistan and opened fire at the students and teachers in the classrooms, according to police officials.

Some students said they saw several young men with AK-47 guns storming through the university housing, while many students were asleep.

The Dara Adma Khel splinter group, a faction of the Pakistan Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The university has over 3,000 students enrolled and had an additional 600 visitors on Wednesday for a poetry recital on the anniversary of the death of Pashtun activist Abdul Ghaffar "Bacha" Khan, said the university's vice chancellor.

Local authorities announced the closure of all education institutions across Charsadda until the end of January 31st.

The ambulances took all wounded from the scene to the hospital.

Shabir Khan, a teacher in the English department, said he was fixing to leave the hostel for the department when the shooting began.

"Most of the students and staff were in the classes when the firing began," Khan said.


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