Univ. of Cincinnati to pay $4.85m to family of man killed by officer

On July 19, Samuel DuBose an unarmed black man was fatally shot near the University of Cincinnati's campus by University police officer Ray Tensing, 25. The University of Cincinnati has agreed to settle with the family of Samuel DuBose; the settlement includes $4.85 million and education for DuBose's 12 children.

Tensing, pulled over DuBose, because the officer said that the driver was missing the front license plate on his car, the two had a brief discussion before the officer shot DuBose in the head; a "senseless, asinine shooting" the way the county prosecutor described it.

The University is not required to admit liability in the settlement, but does promise free undergraduate education for DuBose's 12 children, a memorial dedicated to Samuel DuBose on campus, and an apology from the university. University president Santa J. Ono said that the school felt a "civic responsibility" to go above and beyond the usual cash settlement for after police shootings.

"I wanted to take care of the family and the next generation of the family," Ono told NYT. "And I wanted it to be absolutely clear that the University of Cincinnati cares not only about this family, but also about peace within the city of Cincinnati."

DuBose's daughter Raegan, 18, said she was "very comfortable" with the settlement, but told NYT that the process was grueling.

"At times I wanted to walk out because I felt like they were putting a price on my father's life," she said.

Tensing was fired by the university shortly after the killing, and awaits a pretrial on February 11th in Hamilton County Pleas Court after being indicted for murder and involuntary manslaughter.

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