Will Truth be the only way to clean our souls and set us free?
Oh Truth my friend,
are you the one
that frees the soul
of the wandering one?

Yet how could one,
to speak of you
when nothing do I know?
And so I beg
You bless my lips
my mind
my heart.
And make me free!
Well dad, where could we begin to explore the question you ask?

Aristotle begins his Metaphysics declaring, “ALL men by nature desire to know.” This desire I believe we all share, and our individual experience and societal one can attest to Aristotle’s affirmation. So what is it that we desire to know? Later on his treatise the Greek philosopher demonstrates that we seek to know what things are. This means we want to comprehend the nature of the things around us, and it has a very significant difference whether we know the truth or not.
If I ask someone, why did it thunder last night? And he answers me, it thundered because Zeus was infuriated and cast a punishment upon the town. We now can clearly see the difference between this answer and one that explains the atmospherical conditions that both produce the lightning and explains the nature of the lighting. Hence, once we know more about the truth of lightning, we have the freedom and responsibility to discard all erroneous information. This is the case with everything in our experience. If someone tells you that your girlfriend is having an affair with another man, then when you ask your girlfriend about it, the answer you seek is the truth, even if it hurts. Why? Because the lie does not exist. It is not. And because it is not, to believe it is, is just foolish. If a person tells us that he is in point B, but he really is in point A. Then the liar is trying to create a reality that doesn’t exist. Even if we believe that he is in point B, this doesn’t change the fact that he is not. This, in a way, enslaves the liar and the believers of the lie into a reality that is not. And the only liberation from this enslavement is to know that he is in point A. To know the reality.
Now if the person tells the truth about being in point A in the first place, then both he and the others participate more in tune with reality, since they are not mistaken by something that is not but comprehend what is. If we can see how simple truths can liberate us from participating in a non existent reality, then how much more can the truth about who we are unite us more and more with “I AM”, the One that is, God and Truth!
Now does Truth clean our souls? I certainly believe so. For as we have concluded earlier, a lie is a selfish attempt to create something that is not. And by doing so, the liar, the lie and the believers of the lie are all trying to do the impossible, and the most profane and macabre, they are trying to separate themselves from What-Is (God), and trying to impose something that is not. I believe selfishness, or purely ego driven actions separate us from the unity that God provides, and because it does so it darkens our soul. Since attempting to separate oneself from all that is pure, will only make you impure and if you lie, you can not coexist with the truth. It is impossible. However, the more truthful one is, then one inevitably is participating in Truth. This constant participation with God causes the inevitable purification of a soul, since it is being the fruit of Pure Truth! And being truthful in the little, allows the Great Truth to be through you.
I’m sure we will never come to a complete rational understanding of Truth, but I hope we can keep on letting it illuminate us forever.



Written by Andres Angulo

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