Watch the Profound Difference Between Free Hugs at Trump & Sanders Rallies

With multiple videos and articles shining light on the victims of rallying barbarity, the violent actions taking place at Donald Trump’s rallies have recently swept the Internet.

Members of the Free Hugs Project caught on to the permeating hate and decided to expose it first hand, joining a Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin in an effort to “Make America LOVE Again!”

Sadly, yet somewhat unsurprisingly, the men entered the rally to instantly notice a 15-year-old girl being walked away after being groped and pepper-sprayed in the face by Trump supporters.

“She got maced by a Trump supporter in the crowd out front, and they were all asking her, ‘Are you feeling the Bern now?’” said a man on the sidelines.

Upon offering free hugs amongst supporters of Trump, the FHP representative faced racist slights such as “white is better” and “I don’t want any drugs.” The comments proceeded with statements such as “there is no love in this world” and “there is hate but there’s bigger problems.”

The video quickly moves on to the Sander rally in San Diego, where supporters happily hug not only the FHP members, but the fellow supporters around them as well.

There was a strong sense of positive community that showed pride in being part of a larger movement. It was clear that Sanders supporters were progressive and wanted to truly be united, opposed to the fans of Trump who took a bullying approach toward affection.

It was clear which movement symbolized the standards we value as a nation, as the United States of America. It was also very obvious which group would devalue such advancement. As Trump holds appraisal amongst fans for playing hardball and giving tough love, it was no surprise to find his supporters to be ill willed toward anything other than hate and persecution.




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