What if we stop asking "What if"

Fear is a funny thing.

It can hold us back.

It can bind us.

It can confuse us.

It can change a course for someone entirely.


But what if God intended for the person to walk that course? What if we stop asking “What if” and we just were obedient to the call placed on our lives regardless of anything else. To just make a choice and stick with it because it is the right one for them. To choose a course and move decisively.


Who are we to limit them? Who are we to scare them? Who are we to choose for them?

These are all questions I have found myself asking in regards to fear and in regards to my choice to become a missionary and leave for the world race in July. Whether that is fear of the unknown, fear of Going, or just flat out fear of tomorrow. I have constantly had to remind myself that fear is not of God. To be honest, I have really battled with the decision to go this past month. Leaving my family, friends, and the life I have known in Texas will be one of the hardest choices I have ever made in the last 27 years.

But, I know it is one I have to make.


I have met with 4 previous world racers who have all gone for a year to serve as a missionary through this ministry. They have spent their time to meet with me and talk about the world race. They have shared their experiences, spoken truth, opened up to me, sweetly poured into me, have been encouraging, and have frankly prepared my heart for the most difficult year of my life ahead. I am forever grateful for these individuals and just their love for the Lord.


I recently read, “People on a journey move with purpose.”

I believe aiming at a purpose is hugely significant, but to get anywhere we have to make hundreds of choices every day. Every single choice we make can impact someone, our lives, our environment, experiences, and the world.


The word impact defines a point of collision, influence, or effect. A single choice creates a new point of impact. The reality is, even if we decide to change our minds on that choice, the impact still remains.

So – To my point, Choices. The choices we make in this life matter, whether we would like to admit to ourselves they do or not.


John 15:16 states, “You did not choose me, but I chose and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit – fruit that will last – and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.”


Jesus made the first choice – He loved us and died for us. He invites us to live with him forever.

We make the next choice – to accept or reject his offer.

Without His choice, we would have no choice(s) to make.


This is a sobering reality.

His grace on my life has made an impact. An impact so great that it has propelled me to think about my choices, to change my lifestyle, and to stop asking “what if.” To in turn choose a course and move decisively. To continually squash fear. To desire obedience. To listen to the call to 'Go.'  To make the choice to go on The World Race.

To live a life of impact.



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