Where is the Turkey filter? #Istanbul

facebook-feature-for-paris-supportOn November 13, 2015 the city of Paris was attacked by the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS taking the lives of 129 people through multiple shootings and bombings. The world cried and in solidarity for France Facebook had a feature that allowed you to display your picture with a French Flag filter.

We may or may not remember the details of the attacks, but we do remember the trendy flag filter that was surfing through half our friends on Facebook.

The French nation responded by dropping 20 bombs two days after in Syria over a few different ISIS bases, but over 100 people were killed in the retaliation and some people were asking for a Syrian flag filter, for the terrorism they see everyday that no one ever talks about.

On Saturday a suicide bomber struck a main pedestrian shopping area in the city of Istanbul in Turkey killing at least five people and injuring 36. The suicide bomber had links to ISIS, and added this attack to the rest of the horrendous events done by the terrorist organization. Two of the four lives that were lost, were American-Israeli dual citizens according to the Israeli government officials.

It is tragic and unfortunate to hear about terrorism and its attacks that kill innocent people, but what makes one attack more relevant than another? I think the value of human life should be the same whether it is in the Eastern or Western hemisphere, a rich or a poor country. A life is someone's son, daughter, brother, sister, a father, or a mother, a co-worker or a friend, a life that is taken away can no longer be brought back to share moments with. What makes one country more important than the other? Why doesn’t Facebook launch a campaign for the other countries suffering under terroristic attacks? Is it because they aren’t first world countries that attract tourists from all over the world? Or because they aren't known for their high-end fashion? This is just something to think about, just because there aren’t filters like there was for France doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Social media can be distractive and full of nonsense but it also can be used as a means to bring people together if we start using it efficiently and distribute information equally. #StandWithIstanbul

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