Who am I? A poem for the mind

To describe what it's like to suffer from bipolar is a very hard thing to do, words at times can't grapple the feelings that gather up within your mind.

Who am I

Ask me who am I and I’ll tell you

I’m not one but two

The comedy and the tragedy

There is no intermission in this show

You’ll drift from an ecstasy of creativity to a catatonic state of depression

I’ll suck the marrow out of your bones and fill them up with an intoxicating concoction of heroin and when you want more

I’ll lock you in a cell and torment you with the ideas of what and who you would of been

Ask me who I am and I’ll tell you I’m your nightmare dressed as an angle

I’m the last air you grasp onto as you begin to drown into obscurity

I’m the last drop of poison on your lips as you realize that there’s more to life.

I’m the kiss that sets a fire inside you that can’t be extinguished

I’m the euphoria in your desperation for life

Ask me who I am and I’ll tell you

I’m you. 

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