Why a Conservative-Latino is left with no choice but to promote Bernie or Hillary.

What a strange phenomenon to see a Republican Primary Race in which two of the candidates are Latino descendants yet so opposed to immigration reform. What hope is there for 12-million undocumented immigrants most of whom have been here for more than a decade and most who were brought to America as children with no choice of their own. As time keeps on passing and undocumented children grow older they begin to worry on the real life consequences of having their whole life taken away just because they do not possess proper documentation. How many of these immigrant children are now high school graduates, college graduates, and professionals in all kinds of fields. Many even employ American Citizens and pay their salaries while also paying the just if not more than the just amounts of taxes to the government. (The government wont ask for papers when it comes to paying taxes or opening bank accounts; how convenient)

I can truly say that as a Conservative-Latino I am very heart broken to be left with no choice but to betray my moral conviction that true conservatism is the moral compass we should carry to be guided moving forwards into a future with opportunities for everyone. I have been here in this country for over a decade, graduated high school and college with multiple degrees. Now I find myself investing and putting forth ideas into action that in the long run I know will benefit this country that I LOVE so very much.

It is so interesting yet unfair to see that as a conservative I care so much about persevering the constitution and bill of rights of this country yet this country has no desire to offer me the rights to even speak my mind freely without suffering the consequences of perhaps being deported and loosing everything that I have worked so far to obtain (not to mention getting separated from my family and possibly never seeing them again). How is it that I get into passionate discussions with other Americans on how to maintain this nation as the leader of the free world while ironically I am left with the invisible shackles of this 21st century slavery. I never had a choice on my immigration status yet I stand here strong willing to contribute like everyone else.

How is it that Rubio and Cruz can talk with such low demeanor towards the very own people who their ancestors were a part of. For a conservative Catholic, I am left with the choice to vote for a Republican who says they will fight for the unborn and their rights, while sacrificing my status and possibly loose everything one day, or vote Democrat and hope for real immigration reform and then fight 10 times harder when I have a voice to defend the defenseless. This to me and millions of people is more than just an election, this is a matter of survival. God save us that Trump does not get into power because it seems that for us hard working undocumented people there will be no compassion reserved. This haunts me every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed.

This is not a post directed to my moral beliefs but rather a post directed to all those who may wonder why conservatives will continue to loose ground in this ever changing landscape of cultures which we call America. Latinos have decided many elections in the past, and as our numbers continue to grow so will our collaborative strength and impact. So to Republicans I say; I'm sorry that I am not sorry that you will loose once again, and continue to loose because either justice for all or justice for none. Not to mention that Republicans have no interest in reforming the criminal justice which affects mostly minorities.

Republicans if you want to win the Latino vote; get with the times.

One Scared Latino

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