Why Comparison needs to STOP

Comparison is the Thief of Joy 

– Theodore Roosevelt

Throughout our day, we are so unaware by the hundreds of times that we spend comparing our lives to other peoples.

“She’s just prettier”

“I wish I were smarter”

“I will never have success like my friends”

“I want her body”

How irritating that every day we put ourselves through constant comparison with other people without realizing it and giving less time to appreciate ourselves. Each of us are DIFFERENT. The real beauty in life is that we all come from different places, cultures, backgrounds, situations that individually shapes us. Some of us were born with money, some of us weren’t. Some of us were born with curly hair while others were not. J Lo got to be famous but she’s not any better of a person than you. Constantly comparing yourself to other people is not fair for you.

Watching TV, browsing through Instagram, seeing other’s snap chats; social media takes us on a path of bits and pieces of other people lives without seeing their full story. It is important to be careful to not let other’s snap shots of their happiness steal yours. We will never see a full spectrum of anyone's day to day because who wants to post the bad and ugly for people to see?

You are you! You right now have the capacity to embark in whatever journey you decide to take yourself. Your journey might be harder to achieve than others based on circumstances and obstacles you might have, but if you set your mind to whatever you want to achieve, you can do it.

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I challenge you to take a day to recognize any comparison you did throughout the day, and remember it. Ask yourself then, why did I compare myself to him/her and what does she/he have that I don’t and want.

If it’s something that you are capable to change, then set the goal for yourself to do it! If you are constantly comparing your body to other peoples, go and get it! Get it for you and enjoy your journey.If a comparison is something you can’t change then stop doing it. Learn to accept your situation and grow to love you.


Don’t compare your life to other peoples; you are unique and special. You will never be like me and I will never be like you, and that’s awesome.

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