Why men don't respect us, ladies.

I hear so many women complain that guys have turned into complete animals, how they are all just looking for sex, how they set standards too high on appearance. The real problem is us not giving them the right things to appreciate.

Majority of guys have lost complete respect on us women because us women have lost complete respect in ourselves. You think a guy is not going to stare at your ass if you are practically showing it to the world in those cut off shorts? You think he is not going to take advantage of you when you're basically opening the door wide open? You think he is going to value you when you don't value yourself? No. Guys are not dumb, if they are looking for a certain kind of woman they are going to find just that. A guy is not going to take time to treat you like a princess if you don't behave like one. A guy is not going to respect you if you allow him not to. Wlone paintinge have given men a distorted message and image of what a woman truly is.

Ladies, we are not valuing what makes us women. We take a lot of focus on our outward appearance; the clothes we wear to make us more attractive, the best sexy dance moves to show how hot we move, the crazy diets to remain skinny; we are showing men external traits to notice rather our internal personality for them to value. We have appreciated the things of ourselves that won't matter when we grow older to become mothers, wives, teachers etc.

If we go back a couple of years, couples had respect for one another. A guy would never dare to curse at or disrespect a woman; let alone touch her in public. But women would also never dare to show off their bodies so explicitly or behave like we now do at parties or bars. So what can we do?

I'm not saying let's all wear turtle necks and not worry about our appearance; what I'm saying is, let's give men real appreciation of what a woman is and for us to learn to value ourselves. We women were born with different emotions than men. We are more sensitive, nurturing, caring. We tend to be more creative, organized, imaginative. We were given different talents than men. Show the world who you are as a person not from what's on the outside but what's on the inside.

Be the different kind of woman; the one thaField-love-couple-beautiful-images-hd-wallpapers-backgroundt doesn't say yes right away, the one that has deeper conversations with men, the one that develops their talents, the one that is not afraid to bring out their beautiful personality. We women need to feel complete within ourselves to understand that a partner is not one to complete us or fill some sort of empty void, rather an opportunity to share our complete selves with one another and experience how both feminine and masculine traits are a complement to make a partnership. The guys that truly care for what's important in a partner will appreciate your beautiful character traits and not necessarily just focus on your outer appearance. This kind of a man will also value the traits that really make him a man and not just want to be a hot guy with a pretty face and a fancy car. A real man who respects you, values you, appreciates you, is so worth waiting for even if it takes a little more time to find.



Written by Valeria Ochoa

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