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I will start by clarifying that I am a conventional woman living in a modern world; conventional in my personal belief that women and men are not created equally, thus affecting our behavior, our roles and abilities in comparison. This not to be misinterpreted as an expression that women and men don’t deserve the same humane treatment or opportunities. We live in a time where the idea of using our difference as something to collaborate with, rather than to compete with, has basically vanished.

Whilst watching the film ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’, years ago, there was a single scene that imprinted itself in my mind like no other; “See how they (the women of the royal court) achieve what they want from their men, not by stomping their little feet but by allowing men to believe that they, indeed, are in charge. That is the art of being a woman.” That line, the ART of BEING a woman, speaks wonders on why women should be ecstatic that they are in fact NOT the same as men and how that shouldn’t been viewed as a weakness. The woman is empathic, nurturing, caring, loving and inspirational; the woman is beautiful in every sense of the word, all of which can be used to think and react differently from how any man would. Women have so much influence without even trying.

Men and women have a natural partnership and as women we offer men things they can’t provide for themselves, just as they do for us. The question is, why is this partnership being broken and when did we become adversaries?

So woman, stop trying to prove your worth to WORLD when those who love you already know you are a gift to theirs. The work you do, whether it is as a homemaker or in any field, should be done with the gifts that were handed specially to you. As women we can develop so many projects and ideas that a man, because of their mental nature, probably wouldn’t, and that is thanks to those differences. Keep the partnership alive; it being romantically and/or professionally, there is no shame in embracing what you are. Don’t let the need for recognition blind you of the world you already have at the palm of your hands.


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