Words Have Power

wordsThe saying “words can either kill or heal” is the plain truth. All throughout our day we come across a variety of sources, people, places, and objects that communicate to us. Do we take the time to retain the positive and filter out the negative? Or do we store it all and accept it? What people say to us, the music we hear, the articles we read, the posts on Facebook we see, all of it is processed by our brain and it is all retained. All of the communication that we have heard throughout our lives from others and ourselves have shaped us to the person that we are today.

A perfect example of how a person’s personality has been shaped by communication is the type of environment they were raised in. If a person grew up with parents that were loving and encouraging, that kid most likely had a lot of love to give to others and inherited a more positive outlook on life. On the other side of the coin, if a kid grew up with hateful and harmful parents, they might have developed a lot of hatred and resentment within themselves. Another example is the friendships that surround a person. If you have decided to hang around a group of people that constantly put you down, you will subconsciously start believing the lies they tell you while shaping an identity within yourself. If your best friend calls you ugly 24/7 and you are constantly hearing that, eventually you will start accepting that you are ugly when you are not. On the other side, if you have friends that are encouraging to you, you are adding positive “medicine” to yourself. Social media is another form of communication. Newsfeeds now a days will show the best and the worst. Either choosing to scroll through naked pictures, negative comments, and filthy music OR uplifting quotes, encouraging blogs, and maybe spiritual/religious posts is working a pattern in your brain that retains all of the information you hear that can eventually alter who you are.talk_458

It is important for each and every one of us to take a good look at who we are and who we want to be. We each have the power to choose what kind of things we are letting others communicate to us and what we are communicating to ourselves. Take the time to rethink your friendships and slowly cut away from negative people in life if they are not bringing anything good. If you were someone that unfortunately grew up in a negative home environment, find encouragement from other sources and change that for your children. Be the kind of person to spread positivity to others because you never know who you can impact by a simple smile or compliment. And the most important one is the communication to ourselves. We are our worst critics. If everything surrounding us is negative, we can at least bring joy to ourselves. Wake up every morning, look I the mirror, and tell yourself you are valuable and that you are on this earth for a good purpose. You make up who you are.

Written by Valeria Ochoa - Video Poem by Juan Angulo

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