As human beings, we all share the desire to be happy, yet the world suffers today with Anti-Depressants being the number one prescribed drug on the market. We often attempt to find happiness through superficial external ideas that bring us some sort of pleasure, yet it often leaves us more empty than before. That is because the answer is not in external ideas, the answer lies within every one of ourselves; when we can look beyond our self-desires and begin to look out for others we will begin to find peace. When you are good to others you begin to feel like a good human being, and that is what ultimately brings peace to our hearts with the result of happiness. Happiness is a seed that must be nourished through our hearts. You cannot expect external peace, if there is no internal peace within your loving heart for people. So let us open our hearts to be good to others and become an instrument of peace for the rest of the world.
Plant a seed one person at a time!

Danny Leal


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